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Adair Soleil Icons

by Emilie

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Basically, I'll just post icons/bases and some other livejournal graphics I have made for you all to use. If there is something-or someone-you want that I have not made I may make you an icon, assuming I have the time. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Don't forget to read the rules some of your questions may be answered there.

1. You may use my icons on: Livejournal, Ujournal, Aboutmylife, Yahoo, MSN, Xanga, fansite, personal site, etc. Basically, I do not care where you use them as long as you credit or link back and comment.
2. Credit me (Click for how to on Livejournal/AboutmyLife/Ujournal) If using it on Xanga either place my link below the icon or make the icon a link back to my site. (click link back for how to.)
3. Comment on the page where you take the icon from, if anonymous (or non-livejournal user) please leave your first name and site link. Good Example.
4. I take requests, but no Hilary Duff or Japanimation. (Both of which burn my eyes)
5. Some entries may be "friends locked" or only visible to members, if you want to see all of the graphics I suggest becoming a member.
6. All of my backgrounds/layouts are friends locked and only visible to memebers.
7. If the icon is colourized and/or has text do not edit it. There are bases for that.
8. If you have to "urge" to give me advice make sure it isn't just you being a bitch. Also, I will more than likely leave those comment screened unless I feel that it is "good" advice that will help other people.
9. I work on the K.I.S.S. theory (keep it simple stupid). If you don't like it get over it. It's my icon journal I will organize it to my liking. In the latter entries it separates bases and icons. In the early ones it does not. As a general rule bases look like cropped pictures no text and no colour changes. If you are not sure just ask.
10. If you use a base please credit and I also would like to see what you've done, you don't have to show me but I think it would be very to see.

comment to be added

Midnight Garden | A bond Fansite

Abigail Clancy, Aishwarya Rai*, Adrianna Lima, Alexis Bledel, Alyson Michalka*, Amanda Michalka*, Amanda Seyfried*, America's Next Top Model*, Amrita Rao, Amy Bruckner, Anastasia, Animals, Ann Markley, Anne Hathaway, Anneliese Van Der Pol, Ashlee Simpson, Ashley Leggat, Ashley Olsen, Ashley Tisdale*
Beverly Mitchell, Bond, Brenda Song*, Britain's Next Top Model, Brittany Murphy
Canada's Next Top Model, Caprice, Cintia Dicker, Charlize Theron, Charlotte Arnold, Charmed, Cheetah Girls, Christina Aguilera
Dakota Fanning, Daria Werbowy, Dave Matthews, Dave Matthews Band, David Beckham, Deepika Padukone, Devon Aoki, Disney Channel Stars*, Disney Movies, Drew Barrymore
Elyse Sewell, Emilie de Ravin*, Emmy Rossum*, England National Team, Eos Chater, Ewan McGreggor
Finding Nemo
Gay-Yee Westerhoff, Gemma Ward, George Clooney, Gilmore Girls, Giselle Samson
Hayden Christensen, Haylie Ecker, Heather Marks, Heathers, Heidi Klum, High School Musical, Hilary Swank, Holland's Next Top Model, Hye Park
Iselin Steiro, Izabel Goulart
Jake Gyllenhaal, Janice Dickinson, Jenilee Harris, Jennifer Ellison*, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Johnny Depp, Judy Garland, Julia Stiles, Julia Stegner, Julie Titus
Kaley Cuoco, Karmen Kass, Kate Moss, Keiko Agena, Keira Knightly*, Kelly Clarkson, Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Bell, Kristin Kreuk*
Lacey Chabert*, Laguna Beach, Lauren Graham, Lianna Folwer, Lilo and Stitch, Lily Cole, Lindsay Lohan*, Lisa D'Amato, Lucy Liu
Mackenzie Rosman, Mandy Moore, Marilyn Monroe, Marisa Heath, Mary-Kate Olsen, Mean Girls*, Michael Seater, Mila Kunis*, Minnie Driver, Mischa Barton, Miss America, Miss Universe, Moulin Rouge
Naima Mora, Names, Natalie Portman, Naturally Sadie, Nicky Hilton, Nicole Kidman, Nicole Richie, Nikita Anand*
Omarosa, Orlando Bloom
Paris Hilton, Parminder Nagra*, Patrick Stewart, Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Caribbean, Priyanka Chopra, Preity Zinta
Rachel McAdams*, Raven Symone, Rebecca Epley, Reese Witherspoon, Roman Kostomarov
Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Scarlett Johansson, 7th Heaven, Shirley Temple, Stacie Orrico, Star Trek: DS9 and TNG, Star Wars, Stephanie Jones, Surreal Life
Tania Davis, Tara Lipinski, Tatyana Navka, Tinkerbell, Tom Welling, Twiggy, Tyra Banks
Vanessa Ann Hudgeons, Vidya Balan, Vlada Roslyakova
Winona Rider
Zac Efron, Ziyi Zhang*


this list is only who I have done the most of or have multiple posts with and my graphics are not limited solely by this list. For example: I do have about two Audrey Hepburn icons, but she is not on the list.

* = Many/Majority of the entries contain this.

Featuring: Lacey Chabert
Header/Icon/Background By: Emilie (n0tes)
Information Page: Emilie (n0tes)

Google -- I usually do random image searches on google also I search the celebrity and I go to the websites I find.. there are so many it would be too hard to site them all.
IMDB -- I use this to find the names of some actors in movies
__iicons - A Graphics Community -- Where I got my original idea from. My work is modeled after her earlier work.
UPN -- Top Model Images
Adriana Lima -- the best site I've found for Adriana Lima pictures
Bond Strings -- bond images [en español]
Midnight Garden -- bond images [in English]
abigail clancy, aishwarya rai, alicia keys, alyson michalka, amanda seyfried, america's next top model, anneliese van der pol, art, ashlee simpson, ashley leggat, ashley olsen, ashley tisdale, audrey hepburn, backgrounds, beauty and the beast, beverly mitchell, bond, brenda song, britain's next top model, brittany murphy, brother bear, camille mcdonald, canada's next top model, caprice, celebrities, charlize theron, charlotte arnold, colorfulness, coryn, d&g, deep space nine, deepika padukone, disney, disney channel, disney movies, dolce and gabana, emilie de ravin, emmy rossum, fashion, finding nemo, friends only banners, graphics, hayden christensen, heathers, heidi klum, hilary swank, hye park, icon, icon making, icons, j.lo, jaime king, james king, jenilee harris, jennifer aniston, jennifer ellison, jennifer lopez, jessica simpson, judy garland, julie titus, karmen kass, kate moss, keira knightly, kelly clarkson, kirsten dunst, kristen bell, kristin kreuk, lacey chabert, lalaine, layouts, lilo & stitch, lindsay lohan, lluvy, love banners, mandy moore, marilyn monroe, mary-kate olsen, mean girls, michael seater, mickey, mickey mouse, mila kunis, minnie driver, minnie mouse, models, moulin rouge, movie stars, movies, music, naima mora, natalie portman, nicky hilton, nicole richie, nikita anand, old hollywood, omarosa, paris, paris hilton, parminder nagra, photography, photos, pop culture, rachel mcadams, raven symone, rebecca epley, reese witherspoon, requests, ricky ullman, rosario dawson, sarah jessica parker, scarlett johansson, shiri appleby, shirley temple, stacie orrico, star trek, star wars, surreal life, sydney, tinkerbell, tom welling, tv, tyra banks, winona rider, ziyi zhang